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Why is servicing needed? 

A vehicle air conditioning system needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it continues to work efficiently. Waiting until a fault occurs can sometimes be very costly.

On average, 10-15% of refrigerant is lost a year. This normally occurs through seals on pipe, component connections and the main compressor. Therefore, a vehicle 3 years or older could be 50% down on refrigerant charge thus causing problems. The refrigerant also carries the oil around the system which will lubricate all seals to stop them from drying up and leaking. But most importantly lubricate the compressor which is the heart of your system.

So ideally your vehicle air conditioning should be looked at every couple of years.

Why does my fridge at home not need regular servicing? 

A domestic fridge has braised copper pipes and not subjected to the same amount of vibration that occurs in a vehicle. Plus the compressor is generally a sealed unit preventing refrigerant loss.

Is it true that the A/C system should be run often throughout the year? 

Yes, this helps lubricate the whole system, preventing leaks and compressor failure.

Why is looking after the compressor so critical? 

This the main component in the A/C system, replacements typically cost £400 - £1200 depending on the vehicle, as well as labour.

Why can’t I service the system myself? 

Because refrigerant handling is only allowed by qualified, trained personnel due to its environmental impact. Also the system is under pressure and the proper equipment is needed to service, leak test and vacuum it effectively. The refrigerant has a very low boiling point  and can cause burns when in contact with skin. So buying a “top up can”  and trying to do it yourself will only damage your system, you or the environment !!!!

 Why use Nitrogen for leak testing? 

Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) is used for leak testing because it is  safe for the environment and can pressurise the system sufficiently to be able to leak test. You can not charge a system with refrigerant without leak testing first as this is illegal!

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